Karen Clippinger Education

BASI Pilates™ Foundation and Graduate Teacher Training with Dance Specialization

Summer Intensive taught by Karen Clippinger at CSULB
July 6-16 and August 5-16, 2019

The Body Arts and Science (BASI®) Pilates Teacher Training was established by Pilates Master Teacher Rael Isacowitz in 1995. BASI Pilates is represented in 20 countries and over 75 sites. This program integrates the original work of Joseph Pilates with current scientific knowledge. The course covers extensive Pilates repertoire, as well as valuable theoretical and practical information related to postural analysis, Pilates exercise analysis, and exercise program design. BASI is recognized for offering one of the most comprehensive and prestigious Pilates training programs available.

The BASI Pilates® Teacher Training Course with Dance Specialization covers modules developed by Rael Isacowitz contained in the Foundation Apparatus Program (six modules) and Graduate Apparatus Program (six modules) that are taught at other BASI sites. These modules include extensive traditional Pilates repertoire utilizing mats, the reformer, Cadillac, wunda chair, and barrel; emphasizing effective cueing, their kinesiological basis, and modifications for different skill levels and select populations. This unique offering at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB), also includes dance-specific repertoire (mat and Pilates apparatus) developed by Karen Clippinger to help improve key areas such as extensions, arabesques, turnout, and ankle-foot control. While some of this repertoire is primarily appropriate for dancers, figure skaters, and gymnasts, other exercises can be used with general populations for fun and variety. Prior dance experience is recommended but not required in all cases.

This program is designed in an intensive format to facilitate attendance by students, teachers, and out of town participants. Past participants have come from various countries including Australia, Austria, China, Japan, South Africa, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, as well as many local areas. However, due to this intensive format some prior Pilates experience is highly recommended, and a basic understanding of anatomy is very helpful. Participants are also encouraged to register early, so that they can use their study guide to help prepare for the course.

Requirements for Certificate of Completion

Course Attendance (hours may vary slightly based on class size):

Foundation Apparatus Program with Dance Specialization (July 6-16)

July 6-9 (9am to 6pm)
July 10 (Review/Practice; 10am to 2pm)
July 11 (9am to 6pm)
July 12 (Study/Rest day, no class) 
July 13-15 (9am to 6pm)
July 16 (Testing; 9am-2pm) 

Graduate Apparatus Program with Dance Specialization (August 5-16)

August 5-8 (9am to 6pm) 
August 9 (Study/Rest day, no class)
August 10 (9am-6pm) 
August 11 (Review/Practice; 10am to 4pm)
August 12-14 (9am-6pm) 
August 15 (Practice Teaching; 10am to 2pm) 
August 16 (Testing; 9am to 3pm)

A certificate of completion requires attendance of both July and August programs with the break in between provided for study, practice, and observation.

Exams: Participants must achieve a grade of 70% or higher on written and practical exams related to theory and repertoire.

Other Requirements:
100 Observation hours (at an approved studio)*
200 Practice teaching hours*
200 Practical hours* 
(Participants may request to reduce these hours on the basis of experience)

*Additional fees may be required in some circumstances


Foundation with Dance Specialization $1,999 +
Graduate with Dance Specialization $1,799 = $3,798

Student rate:
Foundation with Dance Specialization $1,999 +
Graduate with Dance Specialization $1,451 = $3,450

Cost includes course, exams, dance manual, and the full set of BASI course workbooks

More Info

E-mail: Karen.Clippinger@gmail.com
Or call BASI Headquarters at 1(866) 992-2742


To register for this course:

1) E-mail Karen.Clippinger@gmail.com to request a brochure be sent to your email or postal address and return the attached registration form by mail or email

2) Call BASI Headquarters for instructions at 1(866)992-2742

Students must send a copy of their current full-time student ID as verification by email or postal service to Karen Clippinger or BASI headquarters with their deposit. Upon receipt, a student will be advised of further payment procedures.