Hip and Knee Biomechanics Revisited: Moving Beyond the Sagittal Plane

Time: 12 Hours

Description: This workshop is for the experienced instructor and is designed to take a deeper look at the biomechanics of the hip and knee, as well as their relationship in everyday movements.  In the past, the greatest emphasis has been placed on analysis and conditioning of flexion and extension in the sagittal plane. However, more recent research and this workshop will focus on the importance of evaluating stresses and developing strength and control in frontal plane, horizontal plane, and multi-planar movements that are commonly involved in both injury mechanisms and skilled functional movement. Participants will learn evaluation tools for the strength and flexibility of key muscle groups of the hip and knee, as well as some commonly used lower extremity functional tests. Classic and novel Pilates-based exercises will be presented and practiced on the reformer, chair and cadillac that are designed to develop strength, dynamic flexibility and proprioception for the hip and knee in accordance with test results, and building from simple to more complex movement patterns. Lastly, selected injuries of the hip and knee will be discussed in terms of their associated vulnerability, and common exercise selection and modification recommendations that can be used to protect the joints while conditioning them within the Pilates environment.   

Karen Clippinger